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About Port Technology International

Port Technology International’s mission is to be the leading multi-channel media company providing timely, insightful content to the ports and terminals industry.  Our in-house expertise and leading-edge products and services help to inform, educate and connect industry professionals enabling them to address challenges, discuss solutions and explore the adoption of new, innovative technologies that are shaping the way the industry operates.


Founded in 1995 the company has grown from publishing a world leading Journal to now producing events, webinars, and other multimedia content.  Our community is made up of over 40,000 senior executives and key decision makers across the ports and terminals industry. 


Through our Journal, events and digital media offerings PTI covers the latest technologies and innovations being adopted across the industry including terminals, digitalization, automation, shipping, global trade, sustainability and the energy transition, among others.

Event Series

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17 – 18 April 2024 | Valencia, Spain

CTAC is the premier content-first conference for container terminal operators in Europe, attracting 250+ delegates each year for 2 full days of knowledge-sharing and collaboration, to help the industry to become more efficient, sustainable and profitable. This year’s event will feature our essential CTAC themes, along with the exciting projects, technologies and business practices that have emerged since our previous edition.

We are pleased to announce our first trip to Valencia, home to one of the most advanced ports on the continent and the 5-star Las Arenas Balneario Resort, our excellent conference venue with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the port. The venue provides a high-spec conference area and a charming setting for our out-of-hours networking and social events.

Next Edition

7 – 8 May 2024 | Barcelona, Spain

The next edition of our GreenTech For Ports & Terminals Conference will be hosted live in Barcelona, Spain on 7th & 8th May 2024!


In 2023, GreenTech joined our calendar of dedicated events for C-level Port & Terminal representatives as our first and long awaited live edition for sustainable, smart ports. With nearly a decade of experience hosting flagship events for Ports and Terminals, PTI were pleased to launch this platform for our community to collaborate and share knowledge which will empower Ports & Terminals to decarbonise and strive for net zero status in the coming decades.


Our 2024 event will bring two-days’ worth of content featuring case studies and keynote addresses from leading stakeholders in the industry and panel discussions hosting the world’s leading Ports and Terminals. Together, we hope to create an event that empowers everyone to play their part in the decarbonisation of the maritime industry!

Next Edition

September 2024 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

On the 16th-17th May 2023, Smart Digital Ports of the Future conference was hosted live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands at the Hilton Hotel.


Smart Digital Ports Of The Future returned for its 7th year to Rotterdam, which saw the event will highlight the latest pioneering smart technologies shaping the port industry. Our conference will incorporate keynote presentations and panel discussions focusing on the opportunities and challenges that come with smart tech including digital twin, AI, IoT and autonomous solutions, and there will be open discussions on the challenges preventing the industry from achieving full digitalisation.

Webinar Series

Progress in the maritime technology sphere never stops and at PTI we offer webinars as an outlet for those who want to share, discuss and debate the latest developments in the ports and terminals industry.


PTI’s webinars bring you the newest emerging trends, debates and case studies from the world’s leading ports and terminals that focus on how they are keeping goods moving using new innovations and technologies.  Previous hot topics included 5G, automation, digitalization, port-centric logistics and supply chain optimisation. 

PTI’s webinar series have been attended by leading international ports and terminals and have enabled key figures in the industry to discuss important issues. 

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As ports and their supply chain partners digitalize business operations, digital twins are a useful tool for visualizing and understanding complex systems and processes within one integrated model. Ports often start with creating 3D site models that incorporate maps (GIS) and facilities data to help with the planning and development of construction and maintenance projects. These virtual representations of the port site can then be augmented with live sensor and video data to establish digital twins with real-time situational awareness. Furthermore, digital twins that continuously intake real-time data can start to predict emergent issues such as congestion, security threats, heightened energy consumption or network utilization, and automatically respond to them before the problems become critical.

To learn how ports and industry partners are putting this into practice today, join our webinar with leading experts from Massport, Ericsson, Hexagon, and Fresh Consulting.

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Energy is a potential revenue stream. Beyond balancing the cost of capital investments with savings against grid energy retail prices, self-generation and storage creates opportunities to supply energy to the grid when prices are favorable. 

With sufficient self-generation capacity, ports can develop private wire systems, trading energy with nearby businesses, hotels, industrial parks, electric vehicle charging hubs, and green hydrogen facilities. Private wire systems can create a reliable customer base and strengthen the port’s sustainability credentials by contributing to the local green economy.

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Join us for a FREE webinar and hear from terminal operators and workplace safety innovation providers on how to improve your safety performance through innovation. 

There are new approaches to safety using both high and low technology being employed by the cargo supply chain today, this roundtable webinar will look at what is available now, what is approaching and how you can innovate to succeed. 

​​​​​​​Explore with us the range and types of safety innovation available to make your organisation more sustainable and help your people go home from work in the same condition that they arrived.